Nasjonal møteplass for cybersikkerhet

119 - Boye Tranum

Cyber Security and Safety – compromising safety through cyber threats

Boye Tranum

Boye Tranum


Mennesker, organisasjon og teknologi


Kinoen sal 1


Onsdag, 12:30 - 13:00


Boye Tranum, Associate Director, Cyber and Information Risk Management DNV GL

Om Foredraget

Most safety barriers on large complex assets like oil& gas installations, ships, process industry and safety critical installations are monitored and managed by computer components. These components are commonly connected via networks to achieve transparency and oversight. These are safety barriers to protect people, assets and environment.  How vulnerable are these safety barriers for cyber incidents, and how does this effect the overall safety situation?   Can this vulnerability be exploited by cyber adversaries?

Om foredragsholderen

In his current position as Associate Director for DNVGL Digital Solutions Norway Boye is focusing on helping key clients with business operational improvements and manage risk and security in challenging environments. Boye is also senior expert from DNV GL Digital Solutions in Cyber Security for industrial systems. Previously Boye was responsible for growth and integration of DNVs acquisition of a California based DNV solar energy company. This grew into the Solar PV technology arm of DNVs global Cleaner Energy operation. He has also previously been leading the Information Quality and Interoperability Service focused groups in both Washington DC and Houston, TX with focus on US Federal clients. He also established and headed up the DNV office in Washington DC from 2006 to 2008. Boye has repeatedly been Project Manager and Project Sponsor for complex global projects within DNV.