Nasjonal møteplass for cybersikkerhet

27 - Stig Tombre Torsbakken

Protecting a trillion cloud borne dollars



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Kinoen sal 5


Tirsdag, 10:00-10:30


Stig Tombre Torsbakken, Head of Security Operations, NBIM

Om Foredraget

Our industry is currently at the verge of the greatest IT revolution since the introduction of Internet. Cloud computing will forever change how IT services are delivered and consumed and heavily impacts how we deal with security. Cloud computing comes with great opportunities implement security controls, while challenging us to rethink our approach.

The Government Pension Fund Global (Oljefondet) has just been through a full cloud migration. In this presentation Stig will share experiences from their journey. He will address which are the drivers from a strategic level, discuss organisational challenges and touch upon the most important technology and architectural decisions made in the process.

Om foredragsholderen

Stig Tombre Torsbakken heads the fund's operational security team - Security Operations. He is two years into the job of building a modern security team fit for purpose to support an agile organisation. Prior to Norges Bank Investment Management, the manager of the Government Pension Fund Global, Stig has broad experience from working with large, Norwegian financial institutions through his employments in Nets and Mnemonic.