Nasjonal møteplass for cybersikkerhet

76 - IBM

Integrated, Intelligence driven Cyber Threat Hunting - Threat Investigation and response platform

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Tirsdag, 15:30 - 16:30


Piotr Biskupski, IBM Security - IBM i2 - Pan-IMT Client Technical Professional

Om foredraget

Securing your infrastructure, your customer interactions and protecting your data are critical to preserving your reputation and your bottom line. Many cyber attacks remain undetected for up to eight months1and can cost an organization an average of 11 million USD.Today’s cyber actors are becoming more sophisticated, agile and capable of getting past any network security. Organizations must evolve, replacing traditional defensive security strategies with a proactive, intelligence-driven offense to prevent and disrupt these threats.IBM i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis is a next generation intelligence solution that enables organizations to incorporate cyber threat hunting into their security strategy and turn their defense into a proactive offense.It helps organizations uncover critical insights about their threats and threat actors so they can mitigate and counter more threats with a combination of multi-dimensional visualte analysis capabilities and advanced analytics.

With the IBM i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis solution, organizations can proactively develop a comprehensive understanding of their attack surfaces and vulnerabilities and develop referenceable attack scenarios to help speed investigations and remediation. To prevent future attacks, organizations can identify and investigate attackers after an incident. All insights become part of the organization’s cyber security strategy and tactics, resulting in an intelligent approach to cyber security.

Om foredragsholderen

Member of IBM Security Pan-IMT Client Technical Professional, professionally responsible for technical support and design of the analytical systems IBM i2 EIA providing assistance in the prevention of fraud and criminal activity, as well as widely used in the departments of police, defense, intelligence and security of private sector groups. Since 2012 he has been successfully working with business partners and dispersed technical teams as a technical expert. Previously, for 17 years associated with the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, his main interest and research hobby was nanotechnology and cyber security. Long-time coordinator of the IBM Academic Initiative and a passionate about open source technologies. He promoted his experience in the field of IT for many years by organizing very popular lectures in the field of computer technology at many universities in Poland and abroad.