Nasjonal møteplass for cybersikkerhet

88 - Antonio Martiradonna

The good, the bad and the ugly (aka 2,5 a CISO)

Antonio Martiradonna

Antonio Martiradonna




Kinoen sal 2


Onsdag, 09:00-09:30


Antonio Martiradonna, Orkla

Om Foredraget

Where we started and what we have done, how it is and what we will do for information security in Orkla. We share what has been good, bad and ugly in the last 2,5 years and how we plan to have it as good as possible in the future.

Om foredragsholderen

Antonio, with over 15 years of work experience in Cyber Security, is CISO at Orkla since 2017. From consultancy he has experience in cyber and information risk management as well as crisis preparedness, management and continuity. His industry experience varies from public to private sector, mainly media and telecommunications, health, finance.